Who We Are

Black Wings Effects is a full-service VFX studio that creates content that tells the full story. Using state of the art technology and techniques we make the impossible possible.

We have experience and expertise in the commercials as well as television productions, video games and motion graphics. Our collaborative approach enables clients to be part of the creative process producing content that brings your ideas to life. Black Wings Effects creates visuals that stimulate our senses, excite viewers and inspire us to believe that what may seem impossible is possible.

Black Wings Effects is a brand born out of MRA Studio Sdn. Bhd. Its CEO and founder, Masoud Reza Azimi has 23 years Graphic Design and VFX experience. Masoud pushes himself to produce more challenging art both technically and creatively. With a presence in Vancouver, Black Wings Effects collaborates with their clients around the globe to create and experiment until the project is complete and brings what was once an idea to life.

Masoud Reza Aziminajjar  CEO and Founder

Masoud Reza Aziminajjar
CEO and Founder